Case Study Challenge

GlaxoSmithKline commissioned maxwell stanley to undertake an economic analysis of the Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) care pathway in order to analyse the annual cost of managing BPH and recommend how BPH patient care could be delivered more efficiently.

Case Study Approach

Our Clinicians completed detailed mapping of the BPH care pathway from primary through to secondary care, including any related acute urinary retention pathways, allowing us to define the most ‘typical’ BPH patient care pathway.

Our PbR Analysts subsequently assigned appropriate clinical coding and HRGs to each pathway stage and intervention. By calculating the associated tariff costs, maxwell stanley was able to provide the client with defined cost of a ‘typical’ BPH patient, as well as national costs by applying the typical pathway to population data.

Case Study Outcome

  • Improved understanding of all possible BPH patient care pathways through a detailed mapping from primary through to secondary care and any related pathways identified
  • Clinical recommendations regarding the more effective delivery of care when managing BPH based on pathway activity and procedure analysis
  • Defined typical patient care pathway activity and associated costs
  • Annual cost calculated of managing BPH nationally